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Championing the improvement of living conditions for the world’s poorest

Founded with the objective of championing the improvement of living conditions for the world’s poorest, Finance for Impact provides consultation to strengthen the performance and impact of financial markets and the private sector in transition economies.


A cleaner, clearer picture.

A fresher more direct graphics system makes the new FFI online offering easier to navigate and understand the sometimes subtle yet important nuances of how they bring value to their clients.


A powerful, human brand language.

An agile and bold identity to support a fluid and dynamic business, that underpins a core goal: the improvement of life for people in countries emerging from conflict or disaster.


“Zephyr is a key partner in our strategy to deliver best solutions. They provide superb services that allow us to be more agile, responsive and results-focus in what we present to our clients, partners and prospects.”

Thierry Senechal, Founder and Managing Director, Finance for Impact


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