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Annual report value – exploring audiences 

Organizations with vision reach out to their audiences and explore new ways to interact.

While digital platforms improve and become more cost-effective, it takes a certain pioneering spirit to get out there and be one of the first amongst your peers to try something new.

This was the case with the World Trade Organization in commissioning us to create their Annual Report app. Seeking a new way to engage your audience is for the bold with no guarantee of an immediate return on investment. I think there is an added benefit for those with the vision to try. It sends a clear message to your audience that you are 'reaching out' and this is the beginning of an exchange that will hopefully grow and lead to more targeted communications.

As part of our three-year design overhaul of the WTO's Annual Report offering, our aim for the tablet report was to provide a more interactive WTO experience, but the over-arching brief was to broaden the WTO audience. We were able to analyse activity like downloads by country, devices used and which sections were most read and for how long. This allows WTO to learn much more about their readers and create more targeted communications going forward.

Since being recognised by ReportWatch – one of the most comprehensive and authoritative surveys on annual reports internationally – for our work on the World Trade Organization’s Annual Report, and while downloads of the WTO app grew steadily, we saw download figures of the Annual Report PDF almost double over two years to just under 2 million. We were first asked by Adobe to present the app at the DPS Symposium in São Paulo following its launch. Matt Collins – Zephyr's founder and Creative Director – spoke at the London DPS Symposium, Cafe Royal, London – "To broaden your reach, start by learning more about the audience you have".

We are absolutely delighted to have our Annual Report singled out as an example of ‘Best practice in institution reporting’. Thanks so much to you and the rest of the team for your outstanding work on the Report.
— Anthony Martin, Publications and Internet Manager, World Trade Organization