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Greening Africa’s Cities

Brief: create a concept and design a key World Bank report on Green Urban Development in Africa to influence policy makers at city and national level.

Challenge: to create a World-class report with a strong central concept, good navigation, clear and impactful data presentation.

Process: Creative concept / Design / Production

Deliverables: Print / web accessible PDF / Social media support

Greening Africa's Cities: Enhancing the Relationship between Urbanization, Environmental Assets, and Ecosystem Services

The Greening Africa’s Cities report had to be ready to be launched at the “Greening Africa’s Cities Symposium” held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, at which 60 journalists from all over Africa would be present…just a few weeks away. 

There is a significant risk that Africa’s cities may become locked into a ‘grow dirty now, clean up later’ development path that may be irreversible, costly, inefficient, and welfare-reducing
— Roland White, Global Lead for City Management, Governance and Financing for the World Bank and lead author of the Greening Africa’s Cities report

The report points out that unique features of Africa’s urbanization – such as substantially lower per capita incomes, high reliance on biomass fuels, extensive informal settlement with poor service levels, and the exposure of cities to environmental disasters, such as floods, is putting pressure on African cities’ natural environment and eroding the value of environmental assets – their green spaces, forests, and water resources.

Without compromising our process we were able to focus our team on the task of designing this compelling report and to make sure Roland White and his team would be able to receive copies in Tanzania on time. We rapidly developed the report concept and design, managing the proofing process across several time zones to stay on-track and hit our deadline. The result is an engaging and well-structured read with polished and authoritative presentation of statistical evidence. 

We gave Zephyr an impossible task to package a report in a couple of weeks. They, in turn, managed the whole process from start to finish with the greatest professionalism and attention to detail, completely exceeding our expectations. Highly recommended!
— Hannah Kim, Urban Specialist, World Bank Group